Valentine's Day Partner Yoga

Valentine's Day Partner Yoga

A Valentine’s Partner Workshop introducing Tantric Yoga and Thai Massage. Join us for an exploration of the senses and discover new ways to connect and build intimacy with your partner.

We will begin with a series of beginner-friendly restorative tantric yoga postures. With your partner’s help, we will use gentle, but clear communication and guided, non-sensual touch to modify or deepen postures to meet our needs. Special breathing techniques and mediation will expand consciousness and deepen the experience.

In the second half of the workshop we will introduce giving and receiving Thai massage. Thai massage uses energy work, acupressure and yoga postures to relieve tension and rebalance energy. We will be fully clothed, and no oils or lotions are used. The massage is done on blankets on the floor. Givers will learn to work on sen (energy conduits) using acupressure with their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet and knees assisting in yoga stretches, adjusting to the sensations of the receiver. The giver and the receiver will take turns.

No yoga experience is necessary
Couples are encouraged to dress comfortably
Please bring a yoga mat
Please bring multiple blankets and pillows to make a comfortable pallet for the massage portion

Couples are welcome to bring hot tea, water or their favorite beverage.

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Valentine's Day Partner Yoga

Videos coming soon